Fatima Yildiz Erkan

I was born in Istanbul in 1982. I am married and have a kid.

I have various courses and training certificates and am continuing new certificate programs according to my interests.

I started as an amateur in penguin and sleepless magazines. I continued writing and drawing the team of “Leman Paf” for two years in Leman magazine with my friends.

Then I wrote and drew a child character in Gırgır magazine for 2 years.

I worked in Doruk art gallery (called as Russo art gallery between 2014-2017) as a coodinator. During this period i learned a lot and got valuable expriences.

Presently, I illustrate children’s books in publishing houses, illustrate various magazines and draw storyboards.

I teach cartoon and shoe painting and ceramic painting for children and adults in various art houses and workshops.

I continue my enjoyable workshops at various children and adult festivals.

I prepared illustrations for companies such as HDI Insurance (board), Koç Holding (Ford-coloring book), Netaş (father’s day cards).

I also design patterns on shoes, bags and T-shirts and paint them by hand. Presently, I have been writing and drawing mini stories for 8 years in the magazine called “Bayan Yanı” published by Leman magazine.

2019-I took part in the “Turkish Illustrators Catalog 2019” catalog of Turkish illustrators prepared by YATEDAM.